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  导语: 我不去想是否能够成功,既然选择了远方,便只顾风雨兼程!下面是小编为大家整理的,英语范文。希望对大家有所帮助,欢迎阅,仅供参考,更多相关的知识,请关注CNFLA学习网!

  Once upon a time, people live in the house is a piece of wood, straw paddock, travel, there is a cart is very good; Now, we all live in tall buildings, villas, car, ship, airplane travel. People eat, wear, live, go look on the bright side, that in the future, what will become of our country and city?


  I think the future of the country of the plant will be more interesting species, such as: the wind blows the lily can make wonderful music; With two "legs" will automatically dancing carrots; A crowded beverage can squeeze out spinach; Will climb up in the music low eggplant; There is a tree is best of hundreds of kinds of fruit trees.

  The future in the rural homes, every family and the ancient castle, with beautiful, delicate floor bar fence and so on.

  To evacuate the traffic, and not an accident, the future of rural bridge must be like this: three bridge tower, arch bridge go up a motor vehicle, flat bridge go cycling, walking subsidence of pedestrians, the whole bridge formed round!


  The city of the future of science and technology must be developed more than now, but probl羊癫风能治好吗ems such as traffic jams is inevitably! How to do? I think: to design a "three air transport" will solve this problem! The car body in the middle of round, pointed at both ends and a boat, on both sides of the car body loaded on the aircraft wings and installed under the wheels. Don't need to use wings or wheels, they will be automatically closed.

  At that time the furniture must be very fresh, such as: shooting type toilet, carousel type sofa, cushion, swing type glass bulb lights and so on.

  Building the city of the future will be more interesting. Those have elevator high-rise buildings, a towering, all like "Gemini" and the United States, and has a shockproof system, they won't again big of the earthquake. As for the elevator, it must be like a UFO!

  I imagine the future really good, I hope the reality of the future is so beautiful!







<治疗癫痫比较正规的医院p>   未来的城市科技一定比现在更发达,但交通堵塞之类的问题还是难免啊!怎么办呢?我想:设计一种“水陆空三用车”会解决这一问题吧!这种车的车身中间圆、两头尖,呈船形,车身两侧装上飞机翅膀,底下装上车轮。不需要用翅膀或车轮时,它们会自动收起来。




  Seems to feel have become accustomed to, but when a person will feel a little lonely, will want to home, friends say, that is normal, after all, for the first time away from home, and walked so far. Yeah, before don't go to college, has never left the parents' side, because the school is very far away from home, so, from the university has always been a nonresident student, almost all big and small things in life are the parents care for me, in addition to learn at home, really is the so-called worries of clothing to hand. A person live independently for the first time, also really a little habits. Cold you know, hot also want to know, don't have my parents, learn to take good care of yourself. In university, long to know in fact life is very realistic a material world, at home, eat at home, to live at home, feel what all don't need the money, but when you're really a man live independently, even if it is a pot of boiling water, if it didn'北京专治癫痫病的医院t take a dime, also have to mortgage his own name, ha ha, is really very realistic.

  Joined the student union of the ministry of communications, what also don't want to mix a tight, just want to exercise yourself in university, the university is going to the foundation of society, if you can get some exercise at the university, also believe that at least will not fall too far in the society.

  In this new environment, to make a lot of sincere friends, let me in the cold to nanchang city feel the warmth of home. Friends, friends from all over the country, the characteristics of different but can get along very harmonious. Last month is my 20th birthday, 28, is also in the university is the first birthday, friends get together to celebrate for me, really very happy. It's good to have friends,.

  These days, suddenly want to yourself to go after the road, don't really want to do a medical workers in the future? Actually to be honest, I don't like the doctor this career, I don't like the hospital environment, every day I don't want to face the pain and death. But perhaps is doomed, or an error, will choose this major of medicine. That is the hope of his parents, they want their daughter to find a good job after graduation, after all t癫痫病该怎么样治疗比较好he professional employment in today's society is quite high. If really not suitable for yourself, such as after graduation to take an examination of civil servants, so be it, ha ha!

  Grow up, will think a lot of things, and cannot be further xi xi ha ha, no mood to life like as a child growing up, learned to think, to learn what is called a responsibility, to envision their future, many, many...






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